Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jarir Bookstores-a gem!

My husband had mentioned to me a lil somethin about a bookstore.  Now I'm one for a great bookstore but I was taken aback by what this store had to offer.  Imagine Michael's, Best Buy and Barnes and Noble in one stop shop but with less selection.  Oh, and with Arabic books and media.  This is Jarir Bookstore.

I have been to only one in Riyadh but I'm assuming they'd all carry the same items with slight variation.  I enjoyed looking through their craft section and English books.  I expected cheap merchandise, from China you know.  But they had brand names, Faber-Castell and the well-known paints and paper.  They had Disney movies and plenty of Shaun the Sheep.  I brought many educational books with me for my son but found them in Jarir!

Oh, and they had Nicholas Sparks books!

Even the Twilight series!

This is not the Saudi Arabia I heard of where everything is censored and covered up with pages torn out of the books or black lines throughout the pages.  Oh no!  This was authentic stuff!  Let me tell you, I am a fan and LOVE Jarir Bookstores :-)

I just might go on a mission and visit each one in Riyadh!

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