Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sewing Machines in Riyadh

In my hunt for sewing machines, I have found a few places with a few brands.  Granted they are older models and probably double the original price, at least I can buy one here.  They are very basic with 17 or so stitches but at this point that is all I need.  Anybody know of any other places?  These are what I have found so far:

LuLu in Riyadh Avenue Mall has had the largest selection so far (which isn't saying much).  They carry about 8 models of Singer and Brother.  They range from about 500 to 850 Riyals.

Saco near IKEA has 2 models of Singer and one or two of Brother.  They are about 300 (maybe 400??) and 700 Riyals.

Carrefour in Granada Mall has a few, I don't remember.  I was sad to see the poor selection and just turned away!

I have heard that you can find machines in local markets.

In the end, I will bring my New Home machine from my old home.  *snort*  Until then, I will get one of these.

Now on the search for thread.  I don't know which is harder!!!!

If only the Riyadh Quilting Guild was in session!!!  I need help!!!


  1. Hello there I m a resident of this country...I can tell u where u get harder & good theards...if u know the area called deerah near batha there is a market called swaigha market also written on the market.....after one signal there is alot of sewing machine shops and after 2 signals from swaigha there is shops for sewing accessoris u will get all the things u need like threads,,, beads,,, stones everything

    1. Thank you very much! I am vaguely familiar with the area but I hope to explore it soon. Your information is much appreciated!

    2. Could you let me know another reference point for the sewing machines shops. Last week I was in Batha, close to the deerah hotel but I could not find the shops

  2. I wish I coud help you Susu but unfortunately I don't know the area very well. I have heard of the shops but that's the extent of my knowledge. Does anyone else know more about Batha's sewing areas? I believe you may find some supplies in the Kuwaiti souq between King Fahd and Olaya Roads.

  3. Hi ladies. I have seen quite a few sewing machine shops in diera souq area. That's is downtown old Riyadh city. Diera souq is also known as 'clock tower' to expats. The grand mosque and the masmak castle are located there. You will find a souq next to the castle. There will also be shops in the streets and a lulu hypermarket nearby. There is one street, opposite the mosque/castle car park that has a whole string of stores selling sewing machines! Also, on the opposite side of the mosque, there is an indoor souq/shopping complex. Inside it, you will find a big sewing shop. It's a bit hard to explain, but I'm hoping it helps you out. Just stay near the castle and the mosque area. Good luck

  4. Here is the location of the sewing machine shops near 'clock tower'/'Masmak Fortress'

  5. Much appreciated Segi!

  6. Hi, lovely finding this site! I need presser feet for a very basic singer machine, have you come across a location with these accessories? Thanks in advance!

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