Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jarir Bookstores-a gem!

My husband had mentioned to me a lil somethin about a bookstore.  Now I'm one for a great bookstore but I was taken aback by what this store had to offer.  Imagine Michael's, Best Buy and Barnes and Noble in one stop shop but with less selection.  Oh, and with Arabic books and media.  This is Jarir Bookstore.

I have been to only one in Riyadh but I'm assuming they'd all carry the same items with slight variation.  I enjoyed looking through their craft section and English books.  I expected cheap merchandise, from China you know.  But they had brand names, Faber-Castell and the well-known paints and paper.  They had Disney movies and plenty of Shaun the Sheep.  I brought many educational books with me for my son but found them in Jarir!

Oh, and they had Nicholas Sparks books!

Even the Twilight series!

This is not the Saudi Arabia I heard of where everything is censored and covered up with pages torn out of the books or black lines throughout the pages.  Oh no!  This was authentic stuff!  Let me tell you, I am a fan and LOVE Jarir Bookstores :-)

I just might go on a mission and visit each one in Riyadh!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Vibram Five Fingers in Riyadh

Ohhhhhh......the comfort, the snuggly feeling of the gloved feet.  To walk in them is divine.

When I was in Blacksburg, they illicited questions, remarks, comments, gasps even.  Conversation starters, I'd say.  I accepted them and engaged in advertising the product without intending to.  They are quite comfortable shoes, I'd buy a few more pairs.  I'd walk on and find more people gasping and asking if they are comfortable.  They are, indeed.  Children would freak out and wonder why my feet look like that.  I loved it even though every comment or question would take me off guard.  They are just that comfortable that I forget I'm wearing them, they are invisible to the touch, I'd say.

Coming to Riyadh, boy, nobody says a word.  As far as I can tell.  But I do get the looks.  Men and women, alike.  But more from the women.  Yes, even through the niqab, I can see their looks.  The crease between the eyes, the crease of the forehead, the wide-eyed.  The head following my shoes.

"She's not wearing shoes!  What?!?!?  Those are shoes!  What a freak!  She must be American.  Those are some ugly shoes!"  That's what I think they say to themselves or remark to their shopping buddy.

I love it!  I love to see the shock!  Yes, my shoes are ugly but oh so comfortable.  You should try them I say!  Has Vibram Five Fingers hit Riyadh shoe stores?  Not from what I've seen.  But they have hit Riyadh!  

Friday, June 8, 2012


Waiting, waiting waiting.........

I should be used to this by now, after having waited so many years for various things "to happen."  It is quite an illusion to think in terms of waiting.  Isn't that what we're doing our whole life?

Some random things on my mind these days:

1.  Fox News is like a used car salesman.  With greasy slicked back hair and a perverted look on his face.
2.  I am finding myself responding to situations like a certain person who is close to me.  Not quite sure where that came from.  Possibly I agree with the methods used?
3.  I thought Blacksburg was a small town but I've been proven wrong.  Especially when this town I'm staying in shares the police station with the library.  In the same building.  Using the same sign.  For real.
4.  I have never felt so disorganized or disoriented in my whole life.  Moving sure does make things chaotic.  Or maybe I forgot what it feels like to move, it has been 10 years.

Sigh.  All things come in their own time.