Thursday, July 12, 2012

AlZamil Arts and Crafts Stores

AlZamil or Al Zamil Arts and Crafts Store
P.O. Box 217
Al-Khobar 31952, Saudi Arabia
Tel: 03-8983232
Fax: 03-8649190

Location: It is to the right of the Arab National Bank when facing your back to the Cournish St.  Take the street to the right of the bank and it's on the right.  It is very easy to pass it without knowing you did.  Behind the building is a little bit of parking.

What they sell:
fabric (3rd floor)-quilting, lace, burlap, cotton, lace, felt, natural leather, synthetic leather, cross stitch material, interfacing, etc.

notions-basic things to get the job done but not much more
thread-DMC thread and floss, thread from USA (Coats & Clark), France (DMC), India, China, cotton, polyester
styrofoam-anything can be made by their machines, any size, any form, any function
crochet and knitting materials-needles, yarn
wood plaques and other forms
paint-ceramic, glass, acrylic, oil, etc.
tissue paper, wrapping paper, ribbon, tassels, rick rack
educational materials, posterboard
and so much more

Comment if you have anything to add!


  1. Do you know if they have paper crafts tools?
    like decorative paper punch (small and large sizes)
    if not, where would I find paper craft tools in Dhahran/Khobar area?

    1. Yes, they do have paper craft tools. This reply is very late and I hope you have found your materials. I do apologize for the late reply!

  2. Do they have wooden pegs like in differnet sizes? Im really looking but not able to find it anywhere:(

  3. Do u know if they have any other sewing machine like brother singer....

    1. No they dont sell any sewing machine only standard accessories for sewing machines. Try SACO for Singer and Lulu Hypermarkets for Brother or other sewing machines.