Saturday, May 5, 2012

Moving from Blacksburg

Moving from Blacksburg soon.  I've been here for 13 years and I've built my life and my family in this small college town.  I've come to believe I was a local but in reality I was a person stuck in waiting.

Blacksburg is a place where you meet new people and say goodbye to them as well....if you stay long enough.  Over the years, I've had some tear-me-apart goodbyes, feeling like Blacksburg will never be the same.  And yet, years later, it's the same.  I've been the one left behind and I know what it feels to say goodbye to your best friend.

Now, I'm the one on the other side of coin or track.  It's a different experience, a new one, which has had it's bits of surprises.  Sometimes, a feeling or a realization hits me in the face and I fall apart.  I will miss Blacksburg in the summer, I will miss my son's school and I will miss the organizations I'm involved with.  I will miss so much about this place, many of which I've complained about for years.  I will miss the green.

Drawing a close to 10 years of our marriage here, giving out prized possessions, wedding gifts, seeing how much we've changed over the's sad to see these things go and yet I look forward to a new beginning with new bed linens, new towels, new houseclothes, new shoes and best of all, new furniture.

Now, as the person who is leaving, to experience this new part of life, I've had to step back and remember what it was like when my best friend left.  Now, my friends are having that feeling.  I have to be more sensitive towards what they are feeling to support them and I realize how hard that is.  To add that to having to empty a house, pack and yet still be a single mother (my husband has already made the move ahead of us), it's tough to transition to those feelings.  I want my friends to know that I love them and these friendships are for life, technology now makes it possible.

So in all the chaos of moving and school, bittersweet kisses to all.  I'll see you in a year.


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  2. I enjoyed reading this Jen. I can only imagine the maze of emotions you must be experiencing. Not to mention, as Scorpios our emotions run deep; fortunately it leads us to much understanding and alas peace. You are a strong woman who makes the most of any situation and will come out all the better through life's changes. And though you are far away, I find comfort in the fact our friendship withstood the most trying barrier of all -- time. With love, Cheryl.

  3. Thanks Cheryl, I feel soothed to read your words. Whatever this experience produces, it's a beautiful thing to have a great friend like you to be there for it all. *muah*