Monday, May 9, 2011

Party Favors! Handmade Soap

Thanks for stopping by!  Boy do I love party favors!  Especially when I make the treats myself!  Years ago before I became a mother, I made tons of soap and nothing is more satisfying than using something you made yourself!  But I made a lot so when a friend of mine asked me to make some favors for a bridal shower she was hosting, of course I jumped to the opportunity!  These are just so spring-like and feminine, how I love them!  Hope you do too!  Feel free to comment and check out my other projects :-)  See another view of them.
Handmade Soap Bridal Shower Party Favor

Prices dependent on treat included.  These Soap favors were for $1.50 each.  Chocolate treats are available, prices dependent on decor and what needs to be hand done (but nothing over $1 for sure :-))

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